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Hello, Hello!
Esthetics and makeup is more to me than just soft skin and a bold lipstick. It’s so much more than what the superficial eye can see. It’s how these things make you feel. When your skin is healthy and glowing and your makeup is on point, so is your confidence. You stand a little taller, you aren’t afraid to leave the house without any makeup, and you know that with the right tools, you will age so gracefully that people won’t be able to tell if you’re 65 or 35! 
That is why I am a Professional Makeup Artist, Esthetician, and Spa Owner – to give you that ‘feeling.’ YOU are why I live my passion – and that is to provide a safe place for you to let your guard down, unwind, and leave feeling better than you did when you first arrived.
I encourage you to view my portfolio, read my clients past experiences, and follow me on Social Media to learn more about me and my businesses! Make sure to check out my InstaStories for lots of behind the scenes clips and most likely my best friend cat, Blanche! 



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