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Commercial, portraits, editorial, cooperate, engagement, senior portraits, family, and film!  Having an experienced and professional make up artist, like myself, on a photo shoot ensures that you, or your clients, will look flaweless, making the photographer and editors job much easier.


I am an on site make up artist, so wherever you are, there I will go! Brides, grooms, mothers, bridesmaids, and anyone else who would love to experience getting their make up done by a professional.  I highly recommend scheduling a trial in advance to ensure  you are happy with my work and to see how you would like to look on your special day!  This is a very special day, so looking your absolute best all day and night, is very important. Once you have asked me to be your artist, you will receive a contract stating that I will be your make up artist on that day, with the amount of people we agree upon.
Also, I do not use an airbrush make up system, instead, the products and tools I use give that fresh and clean photo finish affect, leaving the skin looking radiant and natural.

I spend a lot of time getting to know my clients and their needs. I make sure you are in a proper skin care regimen, so when the day of the wedding comes, your skin is healthy and naturally glowing.


Are you getting all dressed up for prom or going out with your girlfriends? I’ll come to you to get everyone beautified so you can look and feel as fabulous as you are!


Ever feel overwhelmed by pushy sales people at the mall? Feel unsure about what colors work best for your skin?  I’ve been there and used to be one of those sales people! But not anymore. My goal is to make sure you are confident in your make up and skin care purchases. We will sit down together and shop for your new products online. A few days later, you will get your new products at your front door! Feels like Christmas!


I offer make up lessons to ensure you feel confident with everyday make up application. I will go wherever works best for your busy schedule, and we will work together to make sure you feel confident on your own. I will teach you my tips and tricks I have gained over the years from being in this ever changing industry. Before you know it, you will feel like a pro!
This is also a great service for teenage girls. We can sit down one-on-one or have a girls night make up party! This will ensure their confidence in knowing how to apply minimal make up properly, learn about skin care, and help parents feel better, too.  Make up parties are also offered to busy women who want to learn from the basics to current trends and even the saught after smokey eye!


Eyelash Extensions

If you’re like most women, mascara is a key item in your makeup bag. Some 65% of us whisk it on our lashes in hopes of making them look longer and fuller. But do you ever wish your lashes were just longer and fuller to begin with?

Eyelash extensions are individual lashes, made of a synthetic fiber such as nylon, which a professional glues one by one to each of your top lashes. There ar close to 180 lashes on each eye. It is one of the hardest beauty procedures for a licensed professional to learn. It’s like microsurgery. Due to the sensitivity of the area being serviced, and the amount of detail and accuracy that goes into the service, it takes up to three hours to fully complete.

They do require lots of love and care for them to stay healthy and strong. Brushing and cleaning them daily is a must for proper retention and sanitation.

Three weeks after your initial set is applied, the follow up appointment with be to fill in the gaps of your lashes naturally shedding. 2-3 weeks after that will be another fill. 2-3 weeks following that fill, it’s time to fully remove the old lashes and apply a fresh new set for proper health and sanitation.