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The above appointment booking is for SPA SERVICES! For all wedding inquiries, please go to the CONTACT tab! 🙂

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to reschedule or cancel a booked appointment without penalty.

If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, you will be charged 50% of your service as a cancellation fee. If you cancel the day of your appointment, you will be charged 100%.

For your safety, staff and other clients, if you or another person in your household has an infectious or contagious illness, please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule your appointment. If it is assumed you are currently sick, your appointment may be cut short or cancelled and rescheduled for when you are healthy again. You will be responsible for payment of your appointment if sent home sick.


Gratuity is not added to any services. Amount added is to the clients discretion. Sales tax is added to products physically purchased in house.



* How should I prepare before coming in?
Most importantly, you need a minimum of 4 weeks of outgrowth for a successful wax. No tanning 24 hours beforehand, which includes self tanner. Give yourself an exfoliation in the area about 24 hours before the service. For more sensitive areas, avoid alcohol and caffeine at least 12 hours before.

* What should I expect after?
Everyone’s reactions are different. That said, most have little to no irritation or discomfort immediately after the wax. Some will stay a bit pink for a day or two, depending on your skin sensitivity. You’ll want to avoid the following for the first 12-24 hours…
NO tanning, creams or lotions, excessive sweating, and NO hot tubs or pools.

* What advice do you have?
Avoid the week before and after your menstrual cycle; this is the time when you are most sensitive. Take ibuprofen about an hour before your wax, as this will minimize pain. Keep in mind that waxing gets easier with time. Every time you wax, your hair will grow back finer and more sparse. Please let me know if you are prone to ingrown hairs, so I can assist you further!

* How often do I need to wax?
Waxing is according to each client’s hair growth stages, so each person is different! The more consistent you are with getting waxed, the less often you will need to come in, as you will have less and less hair.



Lash Extensions are a glamorous new way to extend the length and thickness of natural eyelashes, and are a practical, convenient and beautiful alternative to the daily use of mascara. Unlike traditional false lashes, lash extensions are the first innovation in lash lengthening that can be worn daily, without nightly removal. Because each tapered, synthetic lash is bonded to a single natural lash, the final result is of effortless glamour and difficult to detect even close up.

You lose 3-5 natural lashes naturally everyday, so after an average of 2-3 weeks, most clients will want to come in for a “touch up” to keep their lashes looking full. There are many factors that could affect the retention of your extensions including improper home care, not cleaning the lash line, oily eyelids, the use of oil based products on or around the eyeline, medications, allergies, thyroid or hormonal issues, lifestyle, seasonal changes, a natural heavy lash shed, and so much more. If you do run into an issue with your retention, please contact us so we can troubleshoot and discuss next steps.

When applied properly, lash extensions will not harm natural lashes. The proper application allows natural lashes to grow and thrive with extensions. This technique requires several different “separation” steps during the application process so each extension is adhered to a single natural lash in order to prevent interruption of the lash growth cycle.

The eyelash extensions and the adhesive are both deep black to give the appearance of mascara and often times eyeliner, so makeup is not really necessary. If you do decide to wear makeup, avoid oil based and waterproof products as those will break down the adhesive faster. The most important bond of the eyelash extension and the natural lash is at the base so mascara may be worn on the tips of the extensions which can allow you to go an extra few days before your touch up and straighten any “lazy lashes”.

Nightly conditioning is necessary to maximize the life of the extensions. Using a lash wand to comb the lashes free of tangles is also recommended.

EXTRA TIPS: How Do I care For My Eyelash Extensions?
• Do not perm or tint lashes after eyelash extension application.

• WASH THEM TWICE A DAY WITH RECOMMENDED CLEANSER!!!! This is CRUCIAL to keeping your lashes strong, clean, and healthy.

• Do not use regular eyelash curlers to curl extensions.

• Do not rub your eyes or lashes. Use your mascara wand or a microfiber brush (lip wand) to help with any itchiness.

• Avoid use of all mascara, especially waterproof.

• Do not remove the eyelash extensions on your own, please schedule an appointment with me to safely remove your extensions so as to not damage your natural lashes.

• Do not cut the extensions (you may cut your skin or natural lashes).

• Clean your eye makeup off daily with oil free makeup remover. After rinsing the lashes, brush the lashes down to straighten them and then brush them up to fluff.

• Come in every 2-4 weeks for a touch up to keep your lashes looking full and to have grown out or wonky lashes removed.

• Never tug, twist, pick or pull at your lashes or extensions.

• Treat your eyes gently – as if you have makeup on you don’t want to smudge.

• Try to sleep on your back or side with your eyes off of the pillow, avoid smashing your lashes as you sleep if possible.

• Avoid oil based creams, lotions and serums around the eye area if possible, and never apply on your eyelid as these products could sweat or rinse down into your lashes and eye.

• If you must touch your lashes or eyes, always use upward sweeping motions (no side to side rubbing at the lash line).

• Be mindful of smoking. If you smoke, know that you could potentially burn your lashes, causing permanent damage. Smoke also lessens the strength of the lashes and loosens the adhesive.

Don’t get too close to those pots and pans while cooking!! The steam loosens the adhesive on the lash Extensions, causing them to fall out prematurely